Our mission: Timeless. Elegant. Delightful.
Perfumes are statements. And ambassadors that complete your appearance with an appropriate scent and underline personal elegance, taste and style. MAX-SUE means exquisite perfume compositions: fine, classic, timeless, distinctive.


We create natural perfumes. For us perfume is a trade. An artistic trade. Art coupled with skill – from the conception right up until the result: your favourite perfume. MAX-SUE composes fine perfumes from valuable, natural ingredients for which we connect ancient knowledge of pure natural substances with traditional perfumery. Each perfume is unique with its own scent. Because, like good wine is different depending on its vintage, the differences between the raw materials of the perfume in terms of origin and harvest ensure subtle nuances and wonderful moments of surprise when the perfume reaches maturity. Thanks to our expertise and careful selection of high-quality natural substances, we have succeeded in creating exclusive, long-lasting fragrances that retain their scent and charisma for hours.


Emotion is the essence of MAX-SUE perfumes. Our perfumes move people, they make the moment tangible and emphasize individuality. Our perfume is created neither for the uniform masses, nor the exclusionist elite. At the centre of our work stand classy creations for people who search for an individual form of expression and want to revel in style, elegance and a hint of noblesse.


MAX-SUE perfumes are made for people with high standards who retain their composure in every situation. For people who value craftsmanship and handle their “treasures” responsibly, which, like timeless fashion or fine accessories, can be worn for more than one season, as they combine quality and elegance.


MAX-SUE creates high-quality perfumes manually and in small amount with a great deal of patience and competence. Only 100% pure, premium natural substances – essential oils, absolutes, extracts and resins – find their way into a MAX-SUE perfume, carefully selected and freshly bought.


MAX-SUE gets down to work with great respect for humanity, nature and tradition. We use organic materials responsibly and mindfully in the production of our perfumes. Wherever possible we try to contribute to the protection of our planet and the preservation of valuable knowledge. Packed in fine flacons for you.