ORGANIC QUALITY – Are MAX-SUE Perfumes organic?2021-03-26T08:48:21+01:00

MAX-SUE perfumes contain over 80% organic materials. We guarantee that the alcohol used is 100% natural, certified organic alcohol (this makes up 70% of the eau de parfum). Our aromatics are predominantly organic, depending on availability. Of course, we want to get as many of our materials as possible in certified organic quality. To do this, we collaborate with producers and small material manufacturers who work in a responsible, environmentally conscious and sustainable manner.

ALCOHOL – What alcohol do MAX-Sue perfumes contain?2021-03-26T09:00:57+01:00

MAX-SUE differs from conventional perfumes for many reasons; one of them is the decision to only use certified organic alcohol. In contrast to the industry standard, which often uses alcohol made from genetically modified wheat with added synthetic denaturants, it was important to us to choose the highest quality organic alcohol; after all, an eau de parfum consists of more than 70% alcohol.

SKIN SENSITIVITY – Do MAX-SUE perfumes contain allergens?2021-03-26T09:01:45+01:00

Even natural substances contain organic allergens in small quantities. As with all substances, “the dose makes the poison”. Naturally, we properly identify all components that are subject to declaration. Product safety is important to us, which is why we make sure that we are creating not only a beautiful but also a safe product in the development and formulation stages, and especially when selecting suppliers and raw materials. As with all natural cosmetic products, if in doubt, it is advisable to do a test on the inside of the elbow before application.

EXPIRATION – Does he scent change in a MAX-SUE natural perfume?2021-03-26T09:02:29+01:00

Changes or aging occur in all fragrances, whether organic or conventionally manufactured. MAX-SUE appreciates this evolution because it allows us to embrace the vibrancy and natural life cycle of organic fragrances. We intentionally do not use synthetic preservatives, which is why the shelf life of MAX-SUE perfumes is slightly shorter than that of conventionally manufactured perfumes. The perfume is not “spoiled”, the fragrance just begins its natural, oxygen-related aging. Therefore, the scent is likely to change a little over time, compared to when you first bought it.

QUALITY GUARANTEE – Are MAX-SUE perfumes certified?2021-03-26T09:03:24+01:00

Even if you cannot find any of the many certificates for vegan, CO2 neutral, animal welfare, etc. on our product or on the homepage, we make an active contribution to promoting sustainability. We do what we say, and we stand by our quality statements.


GREEN LUXURY – What does “Natural Perfume” mean?2021-03-26T09:03:58+01:00

We break the mold. And in a market of greenwashing and synthetic fragrances, we take on the challenge of creating a real, unadulterated natural perfume. We love fragrances with character and individuality, instead of the one-note perfumes mass-produced by big companies who invest more in testimonials than the quality of their ingredients. We use no synthetic fragrances, colors, preservatives, or artificial additives in the formulation of our natural perfumes. Our two main ingredients are simple yet hard to find elsewhere: 100% organic materials and expert knowledge -the knowledge of plant-based aromas and the ancient tradition of perfume craft. For us, this work is Green Luxury. The luxury of natural fragrances.

CLEAN BEAUTY – Are MAX-SUE Perfumes “clean”?2021-03-26T09:04:54+01:00

Sometimes the perfume industry’s chemical bag of tricks can seem seductively limitless, and on top of that they also use cheap materials and therefore often lower prices. But artificial fragrance components and synthetic additives, when left on the skin, can have some unpleasant side effects: some are stored in fatty tissue, others can impact the liver, have hormonal or skin-irritating effects, or are considered dubious denaturants. At MAX-SUE we have chosen to work differently; we want to revel in fragrance, not unsafe pollutants. That is why we rely on clean aromatics. We create exquisite natural perfumes. Without synthetic fragrances. Without additives. The ingredients of our compositions: 100% natural materials.

VEGAN – Are MAX-SUE Perfumes vegan?2021-03-26T09:05:24+01:00

Our perfumes, made from pure natural extracts, are 100% vegan. We see our products as natural cosmetics and fragrances of animal origin are not permitted.

PACKAGING – What is MAX-SUE’s packaging policy?2021-03-26T09:05:59+01:00

We find attempts by some suppliers to suggest natural or organic quality through the use of wooden caps strange, as these are mainly made of treated wood. Wooden caps also need a plastic inlay or something similar so that the seal holds well, protects the spray head and reduces the loss of perfume and the effect of oxygen on the fragrance. This is not a viable alternative for us and we have therefore opted for a classic cap that can be safely disposed of with household waste.

REFILL – What is MAX-SUE’s refill policy?2021-03-26T09:06:53+01:00

Unfortunately, there are no truly environmentally friendly alternatives for spray heads that meet the requirements for proper packaging in terms of product safety. We would have gladly chosen a glass bottle with a screw-on spray head, to enable the separation of glass and plastic/aluminum or even offered to accept returned bottles for refilling. Unfortunately, however, a tight seal is not guaranteed with screw caps. The technical experts we asked about the refill concept explicitly advised against it. Sending the bottles back causes additional CO2 emission, as the glass must be cleaned very carefully, with the use of chemicals and a lot of water, until it can be reused in accordance with cosmetic requirements. The idea was worth exploring, but unnecessary resources are wasted for a refill variant; it is therefore not a contribution to the climate or the environment, and not an option for MAX-SUE.

REUSE – Do MAX-SUE products have potential for further use?2021-03-26T09:07:25+01:00

For the outer packaging, we deliberately opted for a plastic- and cardboard-free solution: The MAX-SUE wooden box – natural, untreated and manufactured by a local producer in Austria – can be used long after the perfume is all gone, as a storage place for valuable odds and ends.

LOCAL AND GLOBAL – How important is local sourcing to MAX-SUE?2021-03-26T09:07:53+01:00

It is important for us to leave the smallest CO2 footprint we can, especially since we sell our products online and so have an additional shipping route to you. That is why we decide to keep the distances short wherever possible. We cannot avoid shipping some high-quality fragrances which come from far away, as the original plants, due to climatic conditions, do not thrive in Central Europe. Wherever possible, however, we use raw materials that grow in Austria (stone pine) or that are produced in Austria (organic alcohol). The same applies to flacons, packaging and labels which are produced in high quality by local manufacturers or manufacturers based elsewhere in Central Europe.



The world of perfume is a world with its own vocabulary. Like a song, perfumes are composed from notes.

These scent notes differ in their length of stay and volatility.The perception of a perfume begins with the start of the Top Note, the so-called “Tête”. We smell fresh, tangy scent nuances, citrus aromas, but also hot spices, which unfold quickly after application, but are barely noticeable after 15-20 minutes, as they evaporate quickly.

The “coeur”, the Heart Note, consist of floral scents and makes up the characteristic heart of a fragrance. It remains perceptible on the skin for much longer, up to several hours.

The woody-spicy Base Note is called “Fond” and carries the overall composition of the perfume; it is composed of long-lasting notes, gives the perfume depth and rounding and is perceptible for the longest.

ESSENTIAL OILS2021-03-26T11:51:32+01:00

Plants contain aromatics stored in the oil cells of their plant tissue. These volatile essential oils can be found in all parts of the plant, from roots (vetiver, iris), mosses and wood (sandal, stone pine), herbs (rosemary) and leaves (lemongrass, petit grain) to flowers (rose, neroli), seeds (musk grains), fruits (anise, fennel) and fruit peels (orange, bergamot). They are obtained by steam distillation, pressing (citrus oils) or extraction (flower oils).


Some sensitive flower oils (jasmine, tuberose) are obtained through extraction, a process similar to dissolution. These are called absolutes, from the Latin “solvere”.

TYPES OF PERFUMES2021-03-26T11:52:30+01:00

The difference between perfume variants lies in the concentration of the contained aroma compound. Splash Cologne contains 1-3% aromatic, Eau de Cologne 3-8%, Eau de Toilette 6-9%, Eau de Parfum 10-14% and Extrait de Parfum 15-30%. MAX-SUE only uses 100% natural raw materials of organic origin for their aroma compounds: essential oils, absolutes, extracts and resins.


We believe the application of perfume should be a moment to pause, to slow down, to immerse yourself in the scent. Enjoy it! Apply the perfume to the so-called pulse points, the areas of skin with good blood circulation such as the neck or the inside of the wrist, earlobe or the crook of the arm. There the scent unfolds more intensely due to the body heat. You can also apply the perfume to your cleavage or your hair, an ideal fragrance carrier where the scent should linger a little longer.


A perfume should convey a subtle, pleasant impression; you should not, ideally, wander around in a suffocating cloud of fragrance. Less is more. 1-2 sprays are sufficient if you spray the perfume directly on the skin, then let the sprayed areas of skin dry briefly before putting on clothes. Apply MAX-SUE Perfumes several times a day as you like. However, to avoid stains, avoid spraying the natural perfume on clothing.


Thanks to our expertise and careful selection of high-quality natural substances, we have succeeded in creating exclusive, long-lasting fragrances that retain their scent and charisma for hours. MAX-SUE perfumes stick for around 3-5 hours – even a little longer if they are applied to the hair.

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