Every single scent, created by nature, shows overwhelming diversity and complexity.
No laboratory in the world could copy that. MAX-SUE attaches great importance to preserving the natural cycle of beauty, richness and perishability. Because of this we exclusively work with all-natural ingredients and consequently renounce synthetics, additives or fixatives, even if they would theoretically be permitted for natural perfumes.


Our perfumes, made from pure natural extracts, are 100% vegan. We see our products as natural cosmetics and fragrances of animal origin are not permitted.


MAX-SUE perfumes contain over 80% organic materials. We guarantee that the alcohol used is 100% natural, certified organic alcohol (this makes up 70% of the eau de parfum). Our aromatics are predominantly organic, depending on availability. Of course, we want to get as many of our materials as possible in certified organic quality. To do this, we collaborate with producers and small material manufacturers who work in a responsible, environmentally conscious and sustainable manner.


It is important for us to leave the smallest CO2 footprint we can, especially since we sell our products online and so have an additional shipping route to you. That is why we decide to keep the distances short wherever possible. We cannot avoid shipping some high-quality fragrances which come from far away, as the original plants, due to climatic conditions, do not thrive in Central Europe. Wherever possible, however, we use raw materials that grow in Austria (stone pine) or that are produced in Austria (organic alcohol). The same applies to flacons, packaging and labels which are produced in high quality by local manufacturers or manufacturers based elsewhere in Central Europe.
We emphasize the security of our products and sustainability. Therefore, we made a conscious decision for recyclable flacons of glass as well as a classic cap that can be safely disposed of with household waste. For the outer packaging, we deliberately opted for a plastic- and cardboard-free solution: The MAX-SUE wooden box – natural, untreated and manufactured by a local producer in Austria – can be used long after the perfume is all gone, as a storage place for valuable odds and ends.


Perfume manufacturers are not obliged by law to list their ingredients; the description “fragrance” on the label is sufficient. For you as a consumer there is usually no way to find out whether the perfume contains synthetic fragrances, pure natural essences or organic materials. We believe that is too little information. For MAX-SUE transparency is indispensable in order to create trust and to present the quality of our natural perfumes. As a consequence, we name the main components on the list of ingredients (INCI).

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