The world of perfume is a world with its own vocabulary. Like a song, perfumes are composed from notes.

These scent notes differ in their length of stay and volatility.The perception of a perfume begins with the start of the Top Note, the so-called “Tête”. We smell fresh, tangy scent nuances, citrus aromas, but also hot spices, which unfold quickly after application, but are barely noticeable after 15-20 minutes, as they evaporate quickly.

The “coeur”, the Heart Note, consist of floral scents and makes up the characteristic heart of a fragrance. It remains perceptible on the skin for much longer, up to several hours.

The woody-spicy Base Note is called “Fond” and carries the overall composition of the perfume; it is composed of long-lasting notes, gives the perfume depth and rounding and is perceptible for the longest.