Luxurious perfumes
from high-quality organic ingredients,
the finest, purest essences,
using the lost art of traditional perfumery.


Discover elegance and style in high-quality fragrances from 100% all-natural ingredients.
Unique and luxurious natural perfumes, created for people who value timeless scent design and exquisite, handcrafted scents. Revel in noblesse. In subtle emotion. In fragrant elegance.

Linger for a moment.
And immerse yourself in our world. MAX-SUE. Timeless. Elegant. Delightful.


we are MAX, the mysterious black cat, and SUE, the golden lady.

We are ambassadors of the house MAX-SUE and our calling is to create fine, classic and timeless perfumes from pure natural essences. As members of the species Felis catus it comes naturally to us to stroll observantly through life with smooth elegance. We are true to ourselves and state confidently what inspires us and what is important to us.